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Something is wrong in our relationship. I do not know whether it is my imagination or there is actually something wrong.
I feel unwanted, like you do not care about me and do not care whether you are with me or somebody else. Everyone else is more interesting than me, you want to watch other people, that is why you follow so much people (women especially) on instagram. You enjoy watching pretty people while I lie beside you and do not know what to do. And all of that would be fine I guess, but the main thing that bothers me is the fact, that you are so keen to fancy other women, that you forget that I am here. 
I feel like you are constantly annoyed with me, because I am not the person that you wish I would be. I choose wrong music in the car, I want to cuddle too often, I want to do everything with you, I want to know your opinion on lots of things. 
Because of the fact that you say "Whatever" so often, I genuinely start to believe, that our whole relationship is whatever for you. Yep, to sum up, I believe that you do not care about me or us at all.
I foolishly hoped, that you would propose to me while we were away on our vacation. I do not know why. Why would you even do that?
I think that we will be that kind of couple that will be together for a long time, but there will be less and less chemistry and love between us, and eventually something will happen and one of us will finally decide to break up.
Does it sound familiar? I bet it does.
That reminds me of my dream that I had on vacation. I dreamed of your ex girlfriend. She shared a photo with boobs out and you were so happy, you basically were still in love with her in that dream and I made me wonder if it true in reality. I know that you break up with her, but so often I see you look at her profile, that I think you might still feel something to her. I would not be surprised.
There will be no small house, no black cat, there will not be us in the future. 
I honestly thought that we would work out, but it feels so difficult and tiring to be with someone who does not love me back and constantly admires others instead of me. It hurts because every time that we see each other, I tell you nice things, I am genuinely happy to see you, and always support you and to you it is all whatever. 

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