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What is it about me and men who fancy other women instead of me?
K#1 - never would even consider being with me, he prefered my friend
T - didn't want to be with me, always talked about other prettry girls
K#2 - we spent ove 2 years together, he fancied my former friend from high-school and always adored other women from ask and porno movies
K#3 - it seems that he sees things that are pretty and iteresting in other girls, but not in me; I never receive any complements or hear any nice things about me

I really hoped that my current relationship would be better, that I would be loved. I don't feel valued or wanted. There is always someone who is so much more better/prettier than me.
It's heart-breaking that I pay attenton to giving as much love and affection as I can, yet have nothing in return. You give me flowers and probably think that it's solving every problem, but what's the use of having flowers, when you won't cuddle with me at night?
I know, that I'm ugly and not very interesting in any way, but if you chose to be with me, why do you act like a stranger around me?

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